Intro to Mike’s favorites, The Five

Five of Mike’s favorite things on the Internet this week

In this weekly series called, “The Five,” I will be sharing a simple list of five things that caught my attention, during the last week, and have some sort of connection to, impact on, or influence over, “living this life in the flesh by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Gal. 2:20). This could touch, faith, family, theology, church life, politics, current cultural trends or any number of topics. The Five, can be made up of articles, videos, songs, memes, books, or any number of things.

I will share five links and give a brief explanation as to why they caught my attention and why I included them this week. 

This is meant to be a little fun and whimsical, perhaps even a little inspiring or convicting at times, but inevitably there will be a mixture of posts that plumb the heights and depths of the human emotional experience. 

It will be fun to see where there is crossover between the things that I saw and what caught my attention, this week, and what caught yours, as we all inevitably have spent some time on the internet this week. The internet is, after all, where you are reading this now.

Here is this week’s FIVE.

1. VIDEO (12min)

Rev. Calvin Robinson | Christianity SHOULD NOT allow gay marriage.

In our current society it is encouraging to see people who can speak humbly, boldly, unapologetically, and authoritatively all at once about very important and polarizing topics in a way that is also both uncompromising and winsome. I believe Rev. Calvin accomplishes this here. 

2. ARTICLE (3min)

Wilberforce: A Model for Influencing Culture, Morals, and Values

By: Hugh Whelchel

If you don’t know who William Wilberforce is, I highly recommend getting to know this important historical figure. I have long admired his steadfast efforts in both the ending of the slave trade as well as the reformation of manners which led and helped contribute to the Victorian era.

3. PODCAST (8min)

Do we fear the freedom of Christ?

When I was beginning my own reformation of theology, almost thirteen years ago now, one radio show and now podcast had a lasting and formational impact on me. That show was, “The White Horse Inn.” On that multi co-host show, one person that I always appreciated was the eldest voice, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, a retired Lutheran pastor and seminary professor. This short show is a conversational podcast between Dr. Rod and his son, and the topic is great!

4. VIDEO (7 min)

Frank Stephens’ POWERFUL speech on Down Syndrome and against abortion.

I saw a clip of this on Instagram and had to seek out the full speech because it moved me emotionally, and became a source of fodder for more than one conversation I had this week. All human life has dignity because each individual is, Imago Dei, the image of God. Abortion of all kinds is wicked, evil, demonic, murder. Even if Frank himself does not see it this way, he sees that his life as a person with an extra chromosome is worth living. 

5. ARTICLE (2min)

Babylon Bee (Satire)

“Man Diligently Searches Scripture For An Impressive Verse To Share On Social Media”

I honestly just found this Babylon Bee article to be very funny, and like most satire, it hits the hardest when there is a little bit of truth mixed in. May all of our devotional lives before the Lord be more than mere social media post, “photo ops.” If you can’t say, “amen,” then say, “ouch!”

That’s my five! 🤚🏼

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Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you in church on the Lord’s Day!

~ Pastor Mike Hooper

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