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The Five

Five of Mike’s favorite or most interesting things on the Internet this week

Here is this week’s FIVE.

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1. ARTICLE (From Facebook)  (3 min)

Marriage Lessons from the Luther’s

From: Reformation Resurgence


Marriage Lessons from the Luther’s

“Martin Luther had no intention of marrying. Though he had preached extensively and passionately on the theology of marriage and matrimony, he had decided that marriage wasn’t for him. “Not that I am insensible to the emotions of the flesh, being neither wood nor stone,” he wrote to a friend, “but because I have no desire to [marry], and daily expect to die a heretic’s death.”

All that changed once Katharina Von Bora landed on Martin Luther’s doorstep…

Martin and Katharina Luther’s marriage was one of shared tenderness and joy as well as disappointment and sorrow. Their marriage did not always run smoothly; there were bumps, twists, and turns along the way. But in their nearly 21 years together as husband and wife, the two became one, each loving the other with intention, hospitality, grace, and devotion. As Luther himself once said, “There is no more lovely, charming, and friendly relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.” Martin and Katharina Luther had a good marriage that we can learn from—a legacy of love, honour, and commitment that has remained untarnished throughout the test of time.”

Great lessons from the biographical anecdotes of Martin Luther and and Katharina Van Bora!

One of my favorite quotes from Luther about marriage is what he used to share when counseling other couples desiring to be married when he said

“Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.”

Martin Luther


Greystone Theological Institute Offers Several Courses for FREE for Month of July

Greystone Theological Institute is offering all of their microcourses, special lectures, and postgraduate seminars for FREE for the month of July. Whether you’re interested in furthering your formal education or just learning something new, this is an opportunity worth taking advantage of if you are able. 


A sampling: 

• The Lord is My Salvation with Dr. Fred Sanders

• Early Christianity with Dr. Mark A. Garcia

• Eternal Generation of the Son with Dr. Charles Lee Irons

• Gregory Nazianzus and the Five Theological Orations with Dr. Robert Letham

• John Webster Among the Theologians with Dr. Michael Allen

• We Distinguish with Dr. Mark Jones

• Penance and the Purpose of Law with Dr. Atria Larson

• History and Theology of Eastern Orthodoxy with Dr. Mark A. Garcia

• Over 40 other microcourses, special lectures, symposia, and seminars!

3. QUOTE (1 min)

Build the Church

By: Pastor, Brian Sauve

“Once you find a solid local church, give it your life.

Be there.

Be all in.

Be a pillar.

Be tenaciously present.

I’m all about productive households—but building your lone household isn’t enough.

Orient your household to building the household of households.”

Pastor, Brian Sauve

I couldn’t agree more.

Pastor Brian Sauve is not only a pastor, but also a singer songwriter, speaker, podcast host of several podcasts, he devotes a great deal of time to helping build up young and old men alike for mission, and obviously has a tenacious love for the church. We sing a few of his songs and adapted psalms in church on a regular basis. You can find out more about him and his projects on his Patreon page here.

4.SONG (5 min)

Behold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)

Last Sunday we sang this song for the first time as a congregation. Even though this song was written all the way back in 2006, and has already been published in 5 different hymnals,  I have only recently become acquainted with it. I find the song to be such a beautiful expression of what our time around the table as the body of Christ is. I have not been able to get it out of my head and have often found myself singing or humming parts of it to myself over the last couple weeks. I hope it becomes a “staple” at Redemption Hill.

5. VIDEO (5 min)

14 Year Old Boy, Cristian Becheanu Saves Child from Well (Romania)

Ten years ago, in April 2013, a terrifying scene unfolded in the small town of Segarcea in Dolj County, Romania. An infant child fell into a well, and despite the best efforts of rescue personnel and professional equipment, they were unable to rescue the child. A 14-year-old boy named Cristian Marian Becheanu volunteered to help. He was placed feet first into the darkness of the borehole, too small for a man to fit into, and lowered to a depth of almost 50ft, where he was able to grab a hold of the child and not let go while they were both lifted to safety by men from above. 

Following the incident, Cristian was soon nicknamed the “Hero of Segarcea.” His story became known nationwide and he became a national hero.

I do not remember this story and only saw this video this week, it literally moved me to tears. So much to unpack but several things stood out to me. 

  • The desperation of the father of the trapped child as he is forced into a position of asking this other boy to risk his own life to do what he, as a father, as strong as he may be, was helpless to do. (see time mark 1:08) 
  • The fact that a young boy was enlisted to help in this rescue effort is almost unthinkable according to American imaginations. 
  • Besides the actual rescue, one of the most powerful moments in my opinion was when one of the first responders took the young boys face in his hands, and even though I don’t speak Romanian, whatever he said, it seemed he was imparting courage and masculine blessing on the boy. 
  • The almost tangible way the 14 year old boy seemed to have matured after coming back out of the well, and how much joy he had in having been able to provide his strength to help in the situation. 
  • Lastly, like the boy, the father was invited to participate in the rescue as they all pulled the boy, and the child, from the depths. Again, in our own society, more than likely he would have been relegated to the sideline 

That’s my five! 🤚🏼

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~ Pastor Mike Hooper

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